About Us

Comprehensive Services

Program Produkt provides clients with comprehensive services.
  • Our experts are familiar with the technologies used by us beginning from the details to the higher levels requiring comprehensive knowledge.
  • The IT systems designed by us provide solutions for our customers in different areas of life.
In accordance with our philosophy, we can make use of the expertise gained in the different fields of information technology when designing new software systems. So we have such inventive knowledge which leads to the development of higher quality software systems.

research, Development

We consider it highly important that we use the most suitable technologies to complete a project. Therefore our experts are continuously working on developing new tools and methods. This way we can provide a little more for our clients. See: Technologies


We pay special attention to the precision that characterises our method of designing software systems. At each stage of the software development we keep these principles, from designing through implementation to testing.

Our expertise, experts

We are proud of our experts. We pay attention to the knowledge of our designers in terms of both theory and practice. Our colleagues are subject to a thorough testing procedure. It is important for us to work with highly motivated colleagues. Our task is to find challenges for them.

Data protection, security

When designing our software systems, we pay attention to data protection of the system and its stability. Most business management systems designed by us contains vital information. The security of our clients' data is important for us, therefore the most modern data protection technology is used when we design a software system.
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