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HELLOCAPTCHA announces the new generation of CAPTCHAs (wikipedia.org/wiki/CAPTCHA). We are proud to introduce the most effective technology for human tests. Our CAPTCHAs are combining the most recent results of computer science and art. Our CAPTCHAs are more readable, more secure and are nice. We provide our technology via a free web service with an embedding code.
From our point of view the CAPTCHAs are the turing tests that divide humans and bots. The bots are evil and we are the good who protect your website from spamming. We are starting with a heavy weapon against them, and we are ready for the next fight with great ideas in our mind.
We have designed HELLOCAPTCHA to be a web service. The most important advantage of this solution is that we can always provide the latest technology for you. We are monitoring our service and if a bot comes over one of our children, we can send our new soldier to the battle to keep your website protected.
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