Transporting / Forwarding Software - iTruck

This software has been made for the Hungarian market.
The website of the product (in Hungarian):
The software called iTruck designed by Program Produkt has been developed for delivery companies. We hope we have managed to develop a multifunctional and reliable business managment software.
The first version of iTruck was introduced in 2001. Since then we have been gaining experience in delivery business. We have redesigned iTruck 2007 retaining the functionality of the former version, which has been completed according to the incoming user requirements, making its operation more simple.
When designing iTruck 2007 the user interface was rationalised and with the help of our experienced graphic designers we lent a new design to the software.
The functions of the software
iTruck2007 has been designed for delivery companies. The software functions as a business managing software. The basic functions of the software are the following ones:
  • Registering clients and contact persons
  • Registering goods, places of loading and unloading
  • Registering cars (your own and other delivery vehicles)
  • Registering drivers (employees)
  • Operating collect deliveries, product spreading
  • Registering invoicing orders
  • Making out invoices for orders by a click
  • Registering invoices of expenses
  • Registering bank accounts. Making out receipts and balance sheet
  • Registering debts and dues
  • Making out letters of late delivery interest, compensation letters and balance sheets
  • It can be integrated with an accounting software (exporting)
  • Cost analysis (delivery, vehicle, driver)
Technological features of the software
  • Automatic web upgrading
  • Using automatic web database or desktop function installation
  • Possibility to use free database server (Firebird)
  • Ability to save automatically
  • Possibility to export orders, warranties and confirmations into PDF format or to send them via e-mail
Copyright (c) 2001-2011 Program Produkt
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