Invoicing Software - nVoice

This software has been made for the Hungarian market.
The website of the product:
With the help of the invoicing software called nVoice that has been developed by Program Produkt you can make invoices that meet the legal requirements both in their form and their content. Clients, the products that have been sold and the services that have been provided are registered by the software. It can also be used for making statistics for the invoices, so you can gain data that are necessary to analyse the activities of the business.
The invoicing software is a base for our customers to become familiar with the programmes developed by us. The invoicing software helps to complete a simple business process on computer. Through nVoice those using this software can become familiar with the solutions of the systems designed by us. Below we have listed the software functions that we consider important: 
  • Registering invoices, clients, and goods
  • Filter and order functions that can be activated by a click
  • Indicating default prices among the services
  • Drawing up foreign currency invoices
  • Drawing up invoices in English and in German
  • A possibility to introduce another foreign language
  • Generating letters of delivery
  • Drawing up invoices from letters of delivery
  • Making out reverse invoices
  • Making invoices from invoices (invoice copy)
  • Statistics of invoices and letters of delivery (adjustable ordering, filter and categories)
  • Excel exporting
  • Handling several users and authorization
Videos demonstrating how to use the software: 

Downloading and installing the invoice software (demo video)


Entering an outgoing invoice (demo video)


Entering a new client (demo video)

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