PDF Sign

This software has been developed for the Hungarian market.
The website of the product (Hungarian): http://www.pdf-alairas.hu/
The PDF signing software developed by Program Produkt makes it possible to sign PDF files electronically.
While designing the software we paid special attention to the following aspects:
  • user friendliness
  • short time period required to be able to handle the system
We think that with the help of PDF Sign we have managed to bring the most modern technology closer to users, providing them with a cutting edge technology based upon deep and very complicated mathematical bases and a legal background founded on the most recent laws and regulations.
PDF is a widely supported file format. A big advantage of electronically signed PDF files is that Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is required to check elecronically signed PDF files, can be downloaded from the Adobe website for free. PDF is also the received file format for electronic invoicing.

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