Warehousing - Warehouse

This software has been developed for the Hungarian market.
The website of the product (Hungarian): http://www.raktarkeszlet-nyilvantarto.eu
While developing WAREHOUSE invoicing and stock inventory software we combined an easy-to-see-through structure with user friendliness and a wide range of functions. The software is multifunctional, however, it can be used within moments.
The functions of the software
This software has been designed for small and middle sized businesses. It is recommended to those businesses that have a stock and need an up-to-date inventory. With the help of the outgoing and incoming certificates created by WAREHOUSE inventory software it is easy to get an up-to-date picture of the items on stock. It may be worth highlighting the following functions of the software:
  • Registry of clients and items on stock.
  • One client can be connected to
    • several different delivery addresses
    • or contact addresses
  • Advanced pricing module
    • Items can be priced based on the percentage of the margin
    • Discount price can be provided for certain clients or client groups
    • Handling temporary prices (sales)
  • Handling warehouses if needed
  • Stock renting (indicating the owner’s name)
  • Strategies for built-in warehouses
    • UNIFORM the uniform use of the warehouse
    • PACK the products are delivered to the full warehouse
    • HEAP identical products are delivered to the same place
  • Strategies for handling built-in warehouses
    • FIFO
    • LIFO
  • Generating foreign currency invoices – the possibility to handle any number of foreign currencies
  • Generating statistics and statistic modules
    • Statistics of stock and detailed stock inventory
    • Top lists for clients and products
Technological features of the software
For IT experts and system operators we have collected the most important features of the software: 
  • Automatic web upgrading
  • Using automatic web database or desktop function installation
  • Possibility to use a free database server (Firebird)
  • Ability to save automatically
  • Possibility to export certificates into PDF format or to send them via e-mail
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