Digital Invoicing


Electronically signed invoices generated by the softwares developed by Program Produkt are made according to the standardized technologies worked out by the software industry. The process of signing is well based in terms of mathematics and IT, and it provides a higher level of security than traditional, paper-based technologies.
Our invoicing module provides our clients with the opportunity to send the invoices generated by them to their clients via the Internet. Digitally signed invoices will replace traditional, paper-based invoices, theiy are regulated by regulation 20/2004.(IV.21.)PM.


While developing the e-invoicing module, we aimed to provide the most comfortable solutions for our customers. If the software is operating, electronic invoices are generated by the user pushing the 'generating e-invoice' button instead of 'printing invoice'. After this the software
  • Generates the PDF file containing the picture of the invoice.
  • The PDF file containing the image of the invoice is provided with a digital signature and a dated stamp.
  • Generates a new email (by the default mail software), which only has to be sent to the client by email, with a fedback message of reading.


The following conditions are required to issue electronic invoices:
  • An invoicing software is required, which can generate digitally signed invoices. You can purchase this software from our company. - To arrange this you have to contact our colleagues.
  • An electronic certificate is required. – Electronic certificates are to be required at authentication offices in Hungary. The cost of authenticity certificates is between 10.000 and 30.000 forints.
  • A dated stamp is required for each invoice. – Dated stamps are to be required at authentication offices in Hungary. Dated stamps cost 5 to 20 forints each.


The costs of traditional paper invoices:
  • Generating the invoice
  • Printing
  • Posting
  • Accounting
  • Storing the invoices
The costs of electronic invoices:
  • Generating the invoice – It requires the same amount of work as a traditional invoicing softwareItt ugyanannyi munka elkészíteni a számlát, mint egy hagyományos számlázó programmal.
  • Generating a signed PDF  – It is an alternative to printing. There is no need for either paper or a printer.
  • Sending the signed PDF in email – It is an alternative to posting. It renders envelopes, stamps, post books, first class certificates and standing in queues unnecessary.
  • Accounting – Invoices are delivered here digitally, so you can avoid registering the invoices again.
  • Digital storing of invoices – Digital storing of invoices takes up mch smaller space.
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