“In computer programming, an application framework or application development framework consists of a software framework used by software developers to implement the standard structure of an application for a specific development environment (such as an operating system or a web application).”
Our company has two frameworks
  • Windows framework - Business processing systems, database applications for developing Business Management Systems.
  • Web framework - Content Management Systems, data base web applications for developing webshops.
Applying our frameworks provides you with the following advantages.
  • We develop easy-to-use systems.
  • They can lead to standardized software solutions. The code can be shared by developers, the system is more suitable for teamwork.
  • It requires modular development, which makes later extesions easier. Moduláris fejlesztést ír elő, ami könnyű bővíthetőséghez vezet.
  • It provides standardized solutions on the user interface to serve frequent business processes. So the softwares developed by us can be used easily.
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